Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The US Review of Books has just awarded Good Knights for California Football and Rebecca's Revenge with the Gold Seal of Literary Excellence Award. Michael Radon wrote a review of Good Knights for California Football and used a quote from the book: "Whenever the team wins, everyone wins and when the team loses, we do so as a team but we play giving 100% until the game is over."  He went on to say that the readers who are not into sports need not worry, this title focuses more on the off-field drama and personal lives of the players, parents, and coaches more than it does the on-field performance of the Knights team. Great for fans of the sport, parents, children, and readers who enjoy pre-adolescent drama fiction, this title is a fast, fun, and satisfying read.
Dylan Ward wrote in his review of Rebecca's Revenge that this is a creepy little adventure, combined with horror and humor that's perfect for the upcoming Halloween season. The themes of good and evil, revenge, family, and faith are all handled in a sophisticated way. It's a novel that can be enjoyed by teens and adults alike, making for a good old fashioned campfire story.

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