Thursday, July 31, 2014

I was having a day. I have been losing weight and am thrilled to be doing so but my disappointment is I still am plagued with Fibromyalgia pain. Sometimes the Holy Spirit will give me a poem to comfort me. My hope it will be an encouragement to whomever reads it.
    This gloom is weghing me down, I feel
             Like a ball and chain around my heel.
     I seem to be stuck upon my bed.
              With a constant sense of dismal dread.
      My body stirs to stand on its feet,
                While my hands are sweaty clutching the sheet.
      I hear my heart drumming a warning
                 My brain is buzzing like some bees are swarming.
       "Just get up," I say. "Stop all this self loathing,
                  Wash your face and put on some clothing.
        Listen to me, you can't let Fear win;
                   Get out of bed and let this new day begin."
        So I got right up and did what I said,
                   I thanked God for my life and His daily bread.
        Then I counted my blessings one by one;
                   The top of the listwas His only Son.
         I counted you, also, as a blessing to me
                    And thanked God for His LOVE that just set me free.

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