Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The US Review of Books has just awarded Good Knights for California Football and Rebecca's Revenge with the Gold Seal of Literary Excellence Award. Michael Radon wrote a review of Good Knights for California Football and used a quote from the book: "Whenever the team wins, everyone wins and when the team loses, we do so as a team but we play giving 100% until the game is over."  He went on to say that the readers who are not into sports need not worry, this title focuses more on the off-field drama and personal lives of the players, parents, and coaches more than it does the on-field performance of the Knights team. Great for fans of the sport, parents, children, and readers who enjoy pre-adolescent drama fiction, this title is a fast, fun, and satisfying read.
Dylan Ward wrote in his review of Rebecca's Revenge that this is a creepy little adventure, combined with horror and humor that's perfect for the upcoming Halloween season. The themes of good and evil, revenge, family, and faith are all handled in a sophisticated way. It's a novel that can be enjoyed by teens and adults alike, making for a good old fashioned campfire story.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Author Solutions/Trafford Publishing Marketing Campaign Launched for Children's Books

I am happy to announce the children's books I have co-authored are involed in a major marketing campaign this summer that will occur throughout the fall and into the Christmas season. Google will have an ad for all three books: Catcoon by L.H. Bowers, Good Knights for California Football by Isaac Bowers and Rebecca's Revenge by S.D. Cargle. Ads will be placed in many of the major book buyer's catalogs and there will be a book signing by Isaac Bowers and me in San Diego for the AARP  Expo. on September 4, 2014 from 3-4:00 pm at the Convention Center. A video interview will be conducted at my home in Chugiak, Alaska and will be used for infomercials to be aired on television. I am very excited and hope you will be able to catch one or more or maybe all of the publicity projects. This is encouraging to me to help get these young authors started and to also promote my own writing career. Thanks for letting me toot my own horn!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

I was having a day. I have been losing weight and am thrilled to be doing so but my disappointment is I still am plagued with Fibromyalgia pain. Sometimes the Holy Spirit will give me a poem to comfort me. My hope it will be an encouragement to whomever reads it.
    This gloom is weghing me down, I feel
             Like a ball and chain around my heel.
     I seem to be stuck upon my bed.
              With a constant sense of dismal dread.
      My body stirs to stand on its feet,
                While my hands are sweaty clutching the sheet.
      I hear my heart drumming a warning
                 My brain is buzzing like some bees are swarming.
       "Just get up," I say. "Stop all this self loathing,
                  Wash your face and put on some clothing.
        Listen to me, you can't let Fear win;
                   Get out of bed and let this new day begin."
        So I got right up and did what I said,
                   I thanked God for my life and His daily bread.
        Then I counted my blessings one by one;
                   The top of the listwas His only Son.
         I counted you, also, as a blessing to me
                    And thanked God for His LOVE that just set me free.