Sunday, May 12, 2013

Home Again Home Again, Jiggity Joe

I was away from Alaska for almost a month. Logan Bowers, my grandson, and I were invited to the LA Times Book Festival at the University of Southern California campus. It was fun and we signed seventy books in less than an hour. He and I attended a book signing at Russo's Bookstore, the most fun bookstore in Bakersfield, CA, and I might add, the entire world. While in Southern California we were asked to present the book at three different school assemblies. During this time we told how and why the book was written. I also explained how I came up with the various pictures for the illustrations. Many questions pertained to the aliens coming up through the cracks in the sidewalks. What took me by surprise was how many students came up to me after the program and gave me a hug. Oh YES! I can get used to that.
Since I was in the neighborhood, I flew over to Oklahoma and visited my grandchildren in Bartlesville. Come to find out my grandson, Hayden, is an author also. I was so happy that I was there to attend his book signing of the eight books he has written and illustrated in his Kindergarten class. Drew participated in a musical program titled, Weathering the Weather. I was impressed with the cleverness of the songs they sang about all sorts of weather conditions. My favorite was the tornado song. As if on cue, a huge thunderstorm occurred that night following the school program.
Speaking of weather, while I was driving from Oklahoma up to Nebraska to visit my sister, I drove through a snow storm on May 3rd in Topeka, Kansas. There were 45 mile an hour winds and the snow was blowing horizontally. I felt like the US Postal Service: Through the rain, sleet and snow, I arrived to my sister's home tired but in good spirits.
Now that I am home, I have many more manuscripts to complete and on to the publisher. In June, some of my art work will be featured at Jitter's, a coffee shop and community meeting place in Eagle River, Alaska. Soon, I will be able to display my art and illustrations on this blog.

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