Friday, October 12, 2012

On October 20, 2012, the annual Pink Ice Gala will be held at Wayland College at 7 PM. This event is to raise funds and awareness about breast cancer. This cancer can not longer be thought of as only a female concern because it plays no favorites and males are effected by it as well. But neither gender need be effected by it and the time is NOW to put an end to it. Do you believe that? Well, Believe Now! This year's theme is: Believe Now, An Unspoken Responsibility. In honor of this year's theme, I was inspired to write this poem. It is not flowery or sentimental, rather a poke in the ribs type of call to action.

Believe Now, An Unspoken Responsibility

We gather together with one heart and one purpose each year
      As an action of faith that together greater things will happen.
We are here now;
      Giving willingly of our resources of time, energy and money
                 Why ?  Why now? What is the urgency?
My Beloved, now is all we have.
        TAKE ACTION,
Do what we have been called to DO
         With love, compassion and tender-mercy.
We all know so well that yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come,
                  So BELIEVE
We know in our Spirit what we must do NOW,
       It is an unspoken responsibilty.
              And it won't wait.

God Bless You, John 5:24

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