Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Yesterday was voting day and much to everyone's surprise there was a huge turnout. So much so, the precinct I chair ran out of ballots. In November, there will be another election. I really hope the nation will be surprised by all the registered voters turning out and voting for their candidate and for the issues they support. There is alot of negative press about the election process, various candidates, issues and the general state of affairs occurring within our United States of America. Some of these concerns are definitely valid and I am just optimistic enough to believe all the issues can be addressed and handled in a positive way leading to a productive outcome...if my people will humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways and return to their God.
My personal hope is America will seek a revival in their hearts and a rekindling of love toward their fellow man thereby surrending their allegiance to self absorbed agendas.
What can you and I do to make this happen? One; pray. Two; register to vote. Three; study the issues, be aware and stay informed. Four; Go Vote. Five; Get involved in a community project you feel passionate about and feel God 's leading. Six; Pray some more.
You have just read my six point presentation for the 2012 Election Year! You can do it!!

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