Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring is in the air. Well here in Alaska, the temperature is 50 degrees and the massive amount of snow is melting. This time of rebirth is always something I welcome, however it seems my Lord will use familiar things in my life to teach me spiritual truths.
I was looking out my window down onto the Knik Inlet and instead of beautiful white downy snow I saw under its massive coverage all the trash and black-brown icy stuff near the ground. I saw with new eyes how forgiveness covers us with a cleansing so pure it as if it is white as snow. This is just the beginning of our rebirth. It is time now to go deeper to our very core being and begin dealing with the trash that has been left behind in our behavior. You got it, It's Clean Up Time. Old habits like old clothes must be discarded. New healthy habits now need to replace old harmful habits. Wrong thinking or rather only self absorbed thoughts must be replaced with the mind of Christ which is always 'Others thinking". When Jesus saves us from our past He also has a way of cleaning us up in our present for the glorious reality of our future. Can I get an Amen anywhere?
My hope is to get a deep cleaning done this Spring and put the sparkle back into my Spirit.
Blessings to you all!

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