Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year's Reflections

This New Year 2012 has found me in a reflective mood. I was looking through some of my papers and ran across a piece I wrote when I was pregnant with Christina. In February, that that will be 23 years ago. I reread it and found the words to be just as true today as they were on October 24, 1988, the day I penned them. See what you think.
I am sitting here at my desk reflecting over the Sunday morning service which was about Christ's returning. Each scripture that was read was filled with encouragement and certainty of Christ coming again. After each scripture, the preacher would ask, "Are you ready for His return?" Everytime he said that the words echoed deep within me, down to my deepest foundation. I had to ask myself, "Am I living, thinking and breathing the simple instructions Christ gave to His followers? Is my prayer of 'Thy will be done', reflected to others through my actions and attitudes?" Again, I realized my self-righteous pride wanted to brag that I was ready. However, I know Christ can see my heart. He knows what is genuine and when it is only talk on my part.
Again, I had to go before the Lord and surrender, present to God my folly and ask the Holy Spirit to move within me and help me to make ready for the bridegroom. And again, as always, the Holy Spirit took me just where I am in life and began to make known to me how I might make ready, how I might be alert for His return.
I am six months pregnant and filled with excitement and anticipation for the birth of our next child. Sometimes, I get weary of waiting but the hope and the little movements within me restore my patience. The Holy Spirit is guiding me, teaching me, helping me to live this expectation. As Christians, we are all expecting in the spirit. The Christian life must not just be conceived, it must grow within us, change us and live through us so it can be shared with others.
During this time, I want to do all I can to love and care for my body which houses this child. Likewise, this body is the temple that houses the living Spirit of God. Both must be nurtured, one with good nutritious food; the other with wholesome and righteous thoughts. I must rest and not grow weary. I must stay active and not grow weak.
It takes approximately nine months for a human baby to develop and come to us through birth. The first time Christ came to earth was as a baby, fully human and fully God. When will Christ come again? Not even the angels know. What we do know is He will return when Father God says it is time. Until that day, you and I must wait upon the Lord and the scriptures warn us to do so by being alert. This is not idle waiting, this is active loving, caring, expectation that allows our lives to change and be perfected for that glorious day when you and I will see Him face to face. How exciting! As the songwriter says, "What a wonderful day that will be, when my Jesus I will see. When I look upon His face, the One who saved me by His Grace."
Even though these reflections were made over twenty years ago, I am still waiting upon the Lord. He has changed my perception of waiting from passing time until He arrives to waiting on Him as a waitress waits upon her customers. This is the servant's mentality. When He come for His Church will He find you waiting with the attitude, "What took you so long?" or "Oh, I am so happy You have come, look and see how Your kingdom has been advanced." Whatever your response will be, the prophecy is Jesus will return. On this truth we call all put our trust.

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