Monday, April 18, 2011

Resurrection Power

The truth I have embraced is that Jesus refuses to grant suffering and physical death the final word on human destiny. John recorded the words of Jesus Christ for us in the Gospel of John 6:47, "Truly, truly I say to you, he who believes in Me has eternal LIFE."
Today is the beginning of Holy Week. It is the week of Passover, Good Friday and Easter or Resurrection Day. Every year in the season of Spring, we remember how our Mightly God continues to be faithful to lead us out of bondage to sin. First, it was the blood on the door post leading up to the ultimate sacrifice on the cross that delivers us from sin and sickness, allowing us to be in right relationship with the one true God. The 'Good News' is not only are our sins forgiven but our Savior did not stay dead after his execution. He conquered death and is ALIVE today. And truly, truly when we believe in Him and live for Him, we too are promised eternal life.
Today, I received a message that a man who helped parent me is now dying. He is a believer and he and his wife have been a constant witness of Christian life to me. I confess, I wept at the news and then knowing the great promise Jesus has for him, wondered why I shed the tears. Even though my own parents have been with the Lord for a long time now, this man triggered for me the reality of the changing of the guard. I must pause and examine myself and ask the hard question, "Have I learned from Harry and Freddy Sue's example to be a Godly example to at least one other child in my life, other than my own children. Have I honored not only my parents but also those who have helped parent me in life by being what God birthed me to be. I know and have always known that no matter what happened to me, what circumstance might befall me, I have had two loving Christian friends who, along with God, would love me just as I am. My prayer tonight is for their family during their time of grief and another prayer of joy and adoration to God, my Heavenly Father, for giving me His love through this beloved couple.

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