Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Update on the Second Novel of the Trilogy

I am grateful to my faithful readers (audience) for their encouragement and gentle coaxing to finish the second story. Life continues to happen and I am in the stage of my life that I must seize the opportunities as they arise. (Well of course, that is what we must do not matter what stage in life we are found.) Since my book tour to promote Tilly's Song, I have traveled to Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Greece and some of the Greek Isles, Turkey, England and Scotland. This past autumn, my husband, Phil and I made our first trip to Niagra Falls; then on to Canada and the Thousand Island area, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts. In early December we took a road trip from North Carolina to Denver, CO to deliver a car to Bonnie Mitchell, our eldest daughter. Phil had never traveled through the deep South, so we took our time and went through South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana (stopping and spending some time in New Orleans) then up through Texas, New Mexico and finally to Colorado. That same trip we then flew to Bakersfield, CA for our grandson Logan's seventh birthday. I have been soaking up the adventures and squirreling away ideas and facts for future stories. I call this research. Boy oh boy! Do I like research.

The trip to Germany will be reflected in bits and pieces throughout the second and third stories of the trilogy. Another novel, Forty Days with Ruth, will have some of the facts I gleaned from Scotland.

Another opportunity came my way ; a correspondence course specializing in Art Illustration. I was able to complete all the course work and turn it in February 2011. I have some children's stories I wish to illustrate and now I am a Book Illustrator (with credentials to prove it). I shall be featuring some of my better work on this web site in the near future. I am not hanging out my shingle quite yet; not until I complete all my dreamed up personal projects.

I am writing all this to let you know, never, never, never did I ever see myself writing, drawing and painting, or traveling like I have been doing. I dreamed and desired to do so but never knew how it would ever happen. Never did I ever imagine I would be able to financially accomplish these things. My dear husband finds value in me and of the things I dream, so he tells me to go for it. And God knows my desires and he provides for me to do them for His glory. I am grateful and humbled by these events and opportunities. I have not always felt well but I had places to go and things to do, so I just do them no matter how I feel. Of course, on days and weeks when I had more energy, more is accomplished. Hang in there, the story will be completed and my hope is you will find it a good read!

Please, dear ones, dream BIG. You are never too old, too poor, too tired or too ___ (you fill in the blank) to honor God with your talents. After all, He is the one who has graciously gifted you and me. Know that God knows your desires because He is the one who gave you the desire and the inspiration to accomplish them. So be encouraged! Remember no dream is too BIG or too small; all things are possible for those who love Him.

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