Monday, August 9, 2010


This is a reflection on Abiding in God:

Here I go again,
Listening to that ol' snake in the tree.
I felt such Peace until then;
Abiding with God and all we are together.
First, I was distracted, which allowed me to become deceived.
He told me what God had planned needed more work.
I gathered together a committee and decided we needed to do more--
To further 'The Plan.'
I then took off my garment of Praise
And put on my Thinking Hat;
After all, some of His Plan just didn't make sense, I reasoned.
My committee agreed.
Despite the fact my Peace is gone
And somewhere amid all this clutter, I have misplaced my joy;
Much has been accomplished.
However, there is so much to do--it's never finished.
I am tired, worn out, defeated--I've been used.
Than ol' snake is just laughing at me in his tree.
I feel ashamed.
Wait a minute, I hear my name being called from within;
I can return and go back to where Love rules,
And find Peace where God and I are together again.

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