Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hello Gorgeous

My life has been an on-again, off-again struggle with my relationship with Beauty. I recognize it easily in others, but seem shy to my own. Now that my season of youth is well passed and the force of gravity and excess poundage can no longer be denied, it is time to call a truce and come to peace with Beauty. I wish to invite her back into my life and get to know who she really is and not just think of her as a pretty face. I wish to learn from her the stories she has to tell me about thinking life-producing thoughts. I long to smile and giggle about almost every aspect of living. I asked her to show me how to plant my own garden of creative works. She quickly agreed and today we are together weeding out what I have sown as selfish seeds. They produced a bumper crop and some have gone to seed.
It pleases me to know she has a timeless track record of success in maintaining health and wholeness within the spirit of mankind and still she finds time for me. It also excites me that she has discovered secrets of sensual delights found within my heart that are aching to be explored. She knows my temperment as well as my woe. Beauty sees me, hears me, call to me, comforts me and corrects me. She is not a rigid taskmaster; just an attentive friend who expects me to be true. She will not tolerate masks or any other falsehood. She calls me now; I am drawn to her wooing.
Whenever I feel used up, scared, lonely, invisible, she gives drink to my parched emotions and I am reborn. Instead of quenching my spirit, she breathes on the dying embers of my passion and fuels it into full flame. She warns me not to feel shame nor blame for our past feuds. Instead, Beauty encourages me to give her my attention, once again and to stop looking into mirrors.

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