Friday, July 30, 2010

To all of us who are grieving the loss of the four pilots


The words of doom were spoken over me;
I felt the hot salty tears run down my cheeks.
Panic appeared out of nowhere
And tried to steal my breath away.
My thoughts were suddenly numbed
As a giant wave of grief crashed over me.
I couldn't run away because my feet were
Stuck in the mud of despair.
Then panic was pushed aside by words
That welled up from my spirit,
"I will never leave you nor forsake you.
I give you Peace, not as the world knows, but
My Peace is with you always."
Oh what glory! Oh what joy!
As a piece of The Peace lit up my world.
Whatever the future holds, I do not know
But this small piece is enough Peace
To help me through today.

We share in the huge loss of four American soldiers who were husbands, fathers, sons, friends and successes in life. Though their lives were short in years, they lived full lives. They made a difference in our world and for all these reasons will be remembered and missed.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Update from Travels

Phil and I just have been in a whirlwind of busy this spring and into the summer. In May we left sunny Alaska and traveled to rainy Germany. The last time I was in Germany there was an East and West Germany with a wall in Berlin that kept people from going in or out. That sinister wall has been gone for 21 years and the place is returning to a healthy optimism. One of the reasons I was there was to conduct research on my second novel, the other reason was to be on a tour that ultimately took us to the Bavarian region for the Passion Play. It was there that the tour ended. We rented a car and drove all over Italy, Switzerland, Austria, small parts of France and then back to Germany to fly home. I am still digesting all the experiences and adventures we had. It has given me new fodder to ruminate upon and hopefully will serve as a source of inspiration for many new stories.
We no sooner returned home from Europe and Christina was in the Miss Alaska pageant. She won a scholarship to pay for her Senior year at UAA. The next weekend we were in Phoenix sitting in the heat watching Bonnie, our eldest daughter, graduate from college. The next week I was in California swimming with the dolphins with my grandson Isaac. The next weekend I was escorting four of my grandchildren from Denver up to Alaska for two weeks. This last weekend we were having our youngest granddaughter, Shelby, stay with us while her family fished on the Russian River. I am telling you all this to explain why I have be neglecting my blog. Well, it is good to go and it is good to come home. No excuses, I must write. Now I can without much interruption.