Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Piece by Alan Keyes

I really appreciate the words quoted by Alan Keyes: " We are an enormously diverse people, of every race, color, creed and kind. We have gathered folks here from all the four corners of the globe. We cannot claim a common ethnic stock, a common racial heritage; even, these days, it is unclear that common language will bind us. But one thing is clear-that we stand on common ground of our moral aspiration, that we stand on common ground of our claim to human rights and dignity, which we have offered to all those people, from every corner of the globe. Not because it is our choice, but because it was understood by our Founders to be God's will."
Think on that for a while and let the coals of righteousness be rekindled in our back bone as Americans, and let us fan those smoldering coals back into full flame again, and let it burn in us individually so together we may do what is right for our country.

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