Monday, October 11, 2010

Tilly's Song is being promoted for the Christmas Season

Hello! I am happy to announce that the Alaska Writers Guide is promoting literature written by its members through a tabloid being sent to all the local bookstores and places like libraries and gift stores where books can be found. I hope you will consider purchasing books this year as gifts for Christmas. I hope you consider sending Tilly's Song to friends or relatives that would like to read an uplifting book that is based on a true story. Feel free to read about Tilly's Song from my website. It can be purchased through or you may call or e-mail me and I will be happy to sign a copy or two or three and mail them to you. The cost is $14.95 and a portion of the money goes to charity. It is actually giving two gifts. The Apple Tree Bookshop in Eagle River also carries Tilly's Song and many other good reads, as well as having vintage gifts and fun children's books. When you read Tilly's Song, please let me know your thoughts. I am currently writing the second book of the trilogy, so your input if much appreciated. Please help our local artists continue to be creative so they may continue to give back to the community. Blessings to you all.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Am I Worthy?

I had a dream once that I was in an old farm house that had a door that opened up to a wooden stairway leading down to the basement. The only light was a bare light bulb with a string when pulled turned it on and off. My hand reached in the dark for this string and turned on the light to expose the basement full of dusty boxes. My eyes squinted from the glare. My nose ached from the smell of mildew. There was no hand rail so I braced myself by placing my one hand on the damp wall as I decended the stairs. Many of the boxes were labeled right on the cardboard; others seemed older, made of wood or metal and had no identifying marks on them. I swallowed hard to try to force the lump down out of my throat. That lump must have been a ball of fear since all my courage seemed to be left at the doorway. I looked and looked at the inventory and then I saw a small door. Curiosity gained strenghth over my fear. I opened the door. The room was filled with filing cabinets full of folders. My eyes rapidly scanned the titles and landed on the folder titled 'Unworthiness'. There was no dust on this folder; it appeared this folder had been reviewed multiple times according to the wear on the sides of the folder. When I opened the folder words copied on small pieces of paper fell out onto the floor. I picked them up and read each one as I put them back into the folder. The words included: not good enough, can't do it, nobody notices, who cares, it will never happen because of you, why bother, it doesn't matter, you don't matter.
I woke up in a sweat, my heart pounding, sobbing and crying out the words, "I don't believe it. These are lies, I do matter." I was upset by the dream and everytime I remember it, I get upset all over again. I am upset now.
Those words may have been true at sometime in my life but not now. I know people who know me love me and the most important person is the Lover of my Soul. He has given me all my worth. My Lord Jesus is worthy and He has saved me from my past and made me worthy of love and honor. This is part of the Gospel message that I now have etched upon my spirit. I don't have to hide behind words others have spoken over me or thoughts they have directed toward me.
I don't have to hide from others behind an overweight body, a down cast look, a feeling of failure, an attitude of shame, fear, or unworthiness. Not anymore. The folder can now be emptied of those words and turned inside out and relabeled. I shall now title this folder "I am worthy." The only words I need to save in this folder are: I am worthy by the blood of Jesus." This folder will not go back to the basement but stay upstairs where others can see it and I can be reminded of it everyday.

Monday, August 9, 2010


This is a reflection on Abiding in God:

Here I go again,
Listening to that ol' snake in the tree.
I felt such Peace until then;
Abiding with God and all we are together.
First, I was distracted, which allowed me to become deceived.
He told me what God had planned needed more work.
I gathered together a committee and decided we needed to do more--
To further 'The Plan.'
I then took off my garment of Praise
And put on my Thinking Hat;
After all, some of His Plan just didn't make sense, I reasoned.
My committee agreed.
Despite the fact my Peace is gone
And somewhere amid all this clutter, I have misplaced my joy;
Much has been accomplished.
However, there is so much to do--it's never finished.
I am tired, worn out, defeated--I've been used.
Than ol' snake is just laughing at me in his tree.
I feel ashamed.
Wait a minute, I hear my name being called from within;
I can return and go back to where Love rules,
And find Peace where God and I are together again.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hello Gorgeous

My life has been an on-again, off-again struggle with my relationship with Beauty. I recognize it easily in others, but seem shy to my own. Now that my season of youth is well passed and the force of gravity and excess poundage can no longer be denied, it is time to call a truce and come to peace with Beauty. I wish to invite her back into my life and get to know who she really is and not just think of her as a pretty face. I wish to learn from her the stories she has to tell me about thinking life-producing thoughts. I long to smile and giggle about almost every aspect of living. I asked her to show me how to plant my own garden of creative works. She quickly agreed and today we are together weeding out what I have sown as selfish seeds. They produced a bumper crop and some have gone to seed.
It pleases me to know she has a timeless track record of success in maintaining health and wholeness within the spirit of mankind and still she finds time for me. It also excites me that she has discovered secrets of sensual delights found within my heart that are aching to be explored. She knows my temperment as well as my woe. Beauty sees me, hears me, call to me, comforts me and corrects me. She is not a rigid taskmaster; just an attentive friend who expects me to be true. She will not tolerate masks or any other falsehood. She calls me now; I am drawn to her wooing.
Whenever I feel used up, scared, lonely, invisible, she gives drink to my parched emotions and I am reborn. Instead of quenching my spirit, she breathes on the dying embers of my passion and fuels it into full flame. She warns me not to feel shame nor blame for our past feuds. Instead, Beauty encourages me to give her my attention, once again and to stop looking into mirrors.

Friday, July 30, 2010

To all of us who are grieving the loss of the four pilots


The words of doom were spoken over me;
I felt the hot salty tears run down my cheeks.
Panic appeared out of nowhere
And tried to steal my breath away.
My thoughts were suddenly numbed
As a giant wave of grief crashed over me.
I couldn't run away because my feet were
Stuck in the mud of despair.
Then panic was pushed aside by words
That welled up from my spirit,
"I will never leave you nor forsake you.
I give you Peace, not as the world knows, but
My Peace is with you always."
Oh what glory! Oh what joy!
As a piece of The Peace lit up my world.
Whatever the future holds, I do not know
But this small piece is enough Peace
To help me through today.

We share in the huge loss of four American soldiers who were husbands, fathers, sons, friends and successes in life. Though their lives were short in years, they lived full lives. They made a difference in our world and for all these reasons will be remembered and missed.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Update from Travels

Phil and I just have been in a whirlwind of busy this spring and into the summer. In May we left sunny Alaska and traveled to rainy Germany. The last time I was in Germany there was an East and West Germany with a wall in Berlin that kept people from going in or out. That sinister wall has been gone for 21 years and the place is returning to a healthy optimism. One of the reasons I was there was to conduct research on my second novel, the other reason was to be on a tour that ultimately took us to the Bavarian region for the Passion Play. It was there that the tour ended. We rented a car and drove all over Italy, Switzerland, Austria, small parts of France and then back to Germany to fly home. I am still digesting all the experiences and adventures we had. It has given me new fodder to ruminate upon and hopefully will serve as a source of inspiration for many new stories.
We no sooner returned home from Europe and Christina was in the Miss Alaska pageant. She won a scholarship to pay for her Senior year at UAA. The next weekend we were in Phoenix sitting in the heat watching Bonnie, our eldest daughter, graduate from college. The next week I was in California swimming with the dolphins with my grandson Isaac. The next weekend I was escorting four of my grandchildren from Denver up to Alaska for two weeks. This last weekend we were having our youngest granddaughter, Shelby, stay with us while her family fished on the Russian River. I am telling you all this to explain why I have be neglecting my blog. Well, it is good to go and it is good to come home. No excuses, I must write. Now I can without much interruption.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Call To Prayer

My area of interest in writing has been historical. It is exposing many things to me and God is speaking to me to dig deeper. My family is rather new to the USA, historically speaking. Tilly's Song is about immigration and that is a 'Hot' topic in the news today. The news is full of stories about how illegial immigrants who are criminals are invading our borders, taking our jobs, getting benefits even working Americans don't receive. Now, the state of Arizona is coming up with a law to profile illegal people. Until this happened I have nodded my head to all the 'Ain't it awful' stories about injustice with 'them' the illegals and 'us' the citizens of this fine Nation. Let's put the brakes on here quickly. We need to continue to manage the amount of people who immigrate into our country from any nation in the world; we have in the past and need to continue. HOWEVER! Profiling can become a monster of hate, fear and potential violence. I am asking my readers to not be casual with our freedoms of voting or our duty to prayer. Most of the people that are alive today never lived during the Nazi days of Germany, so let history teach us how insidious evil disguised as good can enter a society and bring moral decay to destroy it.
I am asking for each of you to pray for wisdom and discernment about the immigration matter, the health care laws, our government leaders, our educational system and everything for which God leads you to pray. But Pray!
Isaiah 33:22 "For the LORD is our judge, the LORD is our lawgiver, the LORD is our king; He will save us."

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Home from the Writers For the Soul Conference

I had an outstanding time at the Christian Writer's Guild Conference in Denver. Our keynote speaker was Max Lucado. He has such a way of speaking directly to my soul. Let me share with you some of the gems he shared with us at the conference.
"Worry is the darkroom where negatives become glossy prints." Since I am a collector of good sayings, this one is a keeper.
Max Lucado has a new book out titled, Fearless. This is an area in my life that I still struggle. In the scriptures there are countless times the Lord addresses our fears and reassures us with Him all will be alright. Max writes, "Jesus doesn't condemn legitimate concern for responsibilities but rather the continuous mind-set that dismisses God's presence. Destructive anxiety subtracts God from the future, faces uncertainties with no faith, and tallies up the challenges of the day without entering God into the equation."
My encouragement to all of you, my friends, is to hold onto the meaning of Philippines 4:6-7 "Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Piece by Alan Keyes

I really appreciate the words quoted by Alan Keyes: " We are an enormously diverse people, of every race, color, creed and kind. We have gathered folks here from all the four corners of the globe. We cannot claim a common ethnic stock, a common racial heritage; even, these days, it is unclear that common language will bind us. But one thing is clear-that we stand on common ground of our moral aspiration, that we stand on common ground of our claim to human rights and dignity, which we have offered to all those people, from every corner of the globe. Not because it is our choice, but because it was understood by our Founders to be God's will."
Think on that for a while and let the coals of righteousness be rekindled in our back bone as Americans, and let us fan those smoldering coals back into full flame again, and let it burn in us individually so together we may do what is right for our country.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Wonderful Place Called Apple Tree Bookshop

Wednesday, January 20,2010, I will be at the Apple Tree Bookshop at 6:30 p.m. and you are all invited to join me there. It will be a special after-hours party with food and fun. I shall be telling the story about the story and selling and signing my novel Tilly's Song. If you have never been to this wonderful place in Eagle River, Alaska, please check it out. It is located in the large building on the old Glenn Hwy. next to the Jacuzzi store and where Greatland Christian Cache used to be. It is across the street from Alaska USA Credit Union and close to the Taco Bell. It is easy to find. It looks little from the outside but once you step inside it is a feast for the senses. Terri Mize is the owner and her positive easy breezy personality feels the store. There are new books, slightly used books, loved books, gifts, jewelry, scraves and delicious candies. I hope I got your attention with all these goodies to look at and of course to buy. Come join us and let's have an evening of chasing the winter blues away!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Year's Resolutions

Hello and Happy New Year! I have a new exercise program and I am looking for others to join with me in getting some good workouts in 2010. As with any new program to build healthy habits, this is going to require some commitment and good ol' 'stick-to-it-ness'. So are you game to try? Here it is:
1. Exercise by walking in faith.
2. Exercise by getting on your knees to pray--several times a day.
3. Exercise by pushing away from temptation.
4. Exercise by taking in deep breaths and singing out praises.
5. Exercise by running to your loved ones, throwing your arms around their necks and telling them you love them.
6. Exercise your eyes, brain, heart, and spirit by reading aloud the words from the Bible.
7. Then rest in peace knowing God is your exercise partner and He will carry you throughout the day and night.
Send me an e-mail at if you want to join and let's see how much excess worry weight we can all shed this year.