Thursday, December 10, 2009

Turkeys, Toys, Tinsle, and Tears

'Tis the season to be jolly
Christmas trees and boughs of holly,
Rush and push, great crowds of people,
Thoughts of church, those with a steeple.
Family here and family far;
Long trips taken in a car.
Over-eat and under rest;
Making life some sort of test.
Growing up and looking back;
Having more but feeling lack.
Gaining weight, so much to do,
All of this can make you blue!

Remember, Jesus left heaven above,
And came to earth to teach us love.
His angels sing of peace to men
His mission is to cleanse our sin.
He came once and will come again,
On this truth you can depend.
So give the Christ child your broken heart,
Then allow Him to give you a brand new start.
Getting ready for CHRISTMAS DAY,
Feel the joy and make time to play.
Personal fun, but taking care;
For you this is my Christmas prayer.

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