Thursday, September 10, 2009


2009 is the 50th Anniversary of Alaska's statehood. I am filled with excitement that just spilled out of my spirit as a poem.

Majestic eagles are a soarin'
Restless ravens they are a cawin'
Asian cranes are found a nestin'
Long necked swans are heard a trumpetin'
'Cause celebration is in the air!

Bears are amblin' up the hillside
Caribou gruntin' out their song
Fish are schoolin'
Whales a breachin'
Otters playin' on the shore.

Moms and Dads they are a laughin'
Children's hands happily clappin'
Infants gleeful sounds a makin'
All rejoicin' just in knowin'
Celebration is in the air!

Lights from heaven are a shimmerin'
Birch limbs are a quiverin'
The tall mountains are a quakin'
All of nature joins the chorus
Singing songs of Jubilee.

Celebration, celebration!
Let's all give a mighty cheer,
Half a century in the makin'
Of the statehood for this Great Land.
Can you hear it? Celebration is in the air.

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